KG Hospitality Recruitment
Celebrating our 12th year in business!!

"Putting Hospitality into Service"

Fees and Guarantees

Our Fees
You will find our fees not just competitive, but balanced. We also do not require a retainer fee up front. You should not  be required to pay for potential, only for results.
Our goal is to assist you with your business staffing requirements, with a focus on successful operations and profitability. 
Our fees are a flat rate of 10% of annual salary. We can also split invoices over an operating quarter to minimize impact on your earnings and help with your cash flow.

Our Guarantee
We guarantee the placement of our candidates for a minimum of 6 months (senior roles can get longer guarantees). This is double industry standards, so you can focus on growing your business.

Our service continues on well after their 1st day of work
We maintain a relationship with your newly hired employee for 6 months, to help build retention and ensure a smooth and successful transition into your company.