KG Hospitality Recruitment
Celebrating our 12th year in business!!

"Putting Hospitality into Service"

Who We Are

Our Vision

At KG Hospitality Recruitment, our vision is to match you with the professional that knows the meaning of work hard, the satisfaction of accomplishment, one that can meet and exceed your expectations of a Hospitality Professional. Someone that can build your brand and drive profitability, to benchmark  new and higher standards and expect no less from themselves and others on their team. High performing operators that will help you achieve and surpass your goals and visions.

Our Promise

Our Promise is to find that special individual that can bring value to your table immediately. Someone that can embrace your ideals, learn and understand your culture, master your practices, someone that can become a teacher, a leader…. a mentor.
More than an employee, a professional that can be counted on, that shows strength and determination and motivates those around them to dig deeper, to reach higher, to inspire, to recognize and reward.